Even My Infections Have Infections • Jules Sherred - Author
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Even My Infections Have Infections

Even My Infections Have Infections

Sometimes, I forget that I’m chronically ill–on top of the physical disabilities–which is ridiculous, I know. But then my infections get infections and things get really, really, extremely gross. I was very tempted to use an image of the infection and swelling around my eyes as the main image instead of a stock photograph of pills, but I don’t need to get that extra.

One of the many medications that I’m on is a biologic to treat an autoimmune disorder that attacks my skin, among other things. But the main thing it attacks is my skin. The skin is the largest organ on the body and when these attacks are head to toe, it is very not fun. And quite painful.

And like all bodies, my body has yeast that lives on it. A bit higher than what is considered “typical” but when my immune system isn’t suppressed and I have white blood cells, my body does a pretty decent job of making sure the yeast doesn’t have a party. When my immune system is suppressed, the biologic that suppresses my auto-immune disorder that attacks my skin from head-to-toe causes me to have head-to-toe yeast infections. It’s not fun. It’s not pretty. And then sometimes, like now, that yeast infection develops a bacterial infection and things get pussy and oozy and wow, I’m pretty miserable right now.

And the extra fun thing about this go around is, the usual medication that is used to treat this, I can no longer take because of the anticonvulsant that I have to take. So, now I’m on a medication that not only doesn’t work as well, but it also can damage my liver. And I have to be on this stuff for three months at a time, stop for a few weeks, then restart when my yeast EXPLODES all over again. This is a chronic thing when I’m this specific biologic.

I’m not entirely worried about the liver part. I was on chemo for over a decade, and it had the same possible side-effects in terms of liver damage. My liver is tested every three months because of some of my other meds. Livers, unlike my kidneys, can heal themselves. Oh, if you didn’t know, my kidneys are now touch-and-go because of the last immunosuppressant I was on.

So, I’m miserable. I have an in-person speaking event in two weeks and my face is a crusty, pussy, swollen mess. Don’t worry, the in-person event is mandatory masking unless someone has specific accessibility needs.

Thankfully, I’m about to start my quarterly two-week staycation so I can be as miserable as I want and not have to worry about being nice to anyone while my skin is oozing and on fire. ON FIRE.

Anyway, I just needed to be miserable for a moment. Because I’m not well and I’m not going to pretend that I am. Masking is bullshit.

Thanks for indulging my misery.

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