Lupus Art Gallery

lupus art gallery

Client: Myself and the World
Launch Date: May 10, 2010
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The  Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery was created in 2010 after a night where I sat and thought of possible ways to do something grand in honour of World Lupus Day. I wanted to do something big-ish. Something, regardless of where someone lived, they could participate. The only concrete idea I had was that I wanted it to have a heavy butterfly theme. Of course, other motifs and themes are more than welcome. I wanted to gather art, music, crafting, videos, stories, poems, anything anybody could think of to bring even a little bit more awareness to this disease outside of some catchphrase. Something artsy and multimedia. Something in which anyone can collaborate and contribute to despite their talents. I blogged about it and for some reason I didn’t think it would go far. In less than 24 hours, I had some amazing responses and was given many ideas that would enable me to put this “thing” into motion.

Later in the year,  I was asked if I would also being doing for Lupus Awareness Month in October. I had thought about it prior but wasn’t sure if people would be willing to participate. So yet again, I put out feelers and the response was a resounding “YES!”. As a result the name changed from the World Lupus Day Virtual Art Gallery to Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Galley.