My Feelings About Leaving Twitter • Jules Sherred - Author
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My Feelings About Leaving Twitter

15-Year Twitter Anniversary images

My Feelings About Leaving Twitter

There is some sort of bittersweet irony to the fact that today is my 15-year Twitter Anniversary. The day after I decided I’m never opening the app or visiting the site again after Felon Husk decided to unban someone who was posting CSE. Not only that, but he also hasn’t been paying the vendor who screens for such material. I am so disgusted that people who claim to be allies pay to use that platform and will continue to do so. Complete and utter contempt.

I can understand why some people may continue to use it, but I’ll never understand or be okay with handing over money to a site that allows transphobia and CSE materials to be shared.

A lot of people are sad for the death of Twitter because of found community while being a place to promote themselves and their work. It was also a place to organize for social justice causes. Twitter has never been a place to promote my work or to organize or community. After multiple targeted attacks for simply being trans, with Twitter being one of the platforms used to facilitate these attacks, people stopped sharing my work or retweeting me.

For me, Twitter was the place to stay up to date with friends and to hear their thoughts. It was how they knew what was going on with me because I can only say things once. If you want to know what it’s going on with me, then following me where I blast things was how to do it. It’s even how Andrew needs to hear my thoughts because again, see mostly non-verbal autistic. And it played a huge roll in my relationship with Andrew. We probably wouldn’t have just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary if it weren’t for Twitter. And that is why I am sad about it.

I’m not closing my Twitter account because it is 15 years of tweets and memories and friendships. And I don’t want one of my harassers to pretend to be me. But I won’t be reading it anymore. I won’t be posting to it anymore in a way that isn’t automated. Any tweet you see from me from today forward is because of scheduled tweets via CoSchedules’ ReQueue function or automated sharing of new posts from here or Disabled Kitchen and Garden.

A reminder of the other places you can find me. But if you really want to hear my important thoughts, then subscribe this blog using the form at the bottom of this pace. Be sure to check your spam for the confirmation email.

Happy 15-year Anniversary. Bye Twitter.

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